Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Back to Back Surigao Adventure 2

I've been hearing a lot of entrancing stories about this river from my relatives  before who were able to visit the place. And their tall tales whetted my curiosity to examine this mystical river for myself.

 Rios Encantados

Hidden in a small town of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur is a threshold of blue-crystal clear waters of Enchanted River. The name says it all. You will be truly enraptured by its inconceivable beauty and be intrigued by its mystery. I have learnt from people that the depth of the river is immeasurable. According to them, one man dared to dive into the deep but was never found again. It was believed that the mythical creatures got him. There were also reported sightings of a green guy (baka siokoy?) and two ladies in white who walked on the surface of waters and suddenly disappeared. Sila daw yung mga pinaniniwalaang bantay sa nasabing ilog, which gave us the reason not to swim anymore (laughs).

Actually, we hit the place already past four  in the afternoon. We indulged our hungry tummy first in a fine turo-turo eatery (point- point? LOLZ) in town. Kaya naman nung dumating kami sa area, hindi na ako nagsayang ng oras pa.  My camera just keep on snapping pictures. I mean, beautiful pictures.

We did not enjoyed the waters  that much because its almost night time. We were discouraged by some local people too to swim there for it was believed that the spirits or  the encantos will take the place by 6 in the evening. May it be true or just a mere product of wild imagination,  all I know is that my eyes were truly delighted by it's beauty. I wonder why it was not nominated in the modern wonders of the world?

Nauubusan na ata ako ng magagandang adjectives sa lugar na ito kaya  see it for yourselves na lang. This is indeed a must-visit destination in the Philippines. Gora na! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Back to Back Surigao Adventure

Located at the eastern coast of Mindanao lies a beautiful province of Surigao del Sur. This place has  so many to offer. Friendly  people, cheap tropical fruits and beautiful spots. Two of the most strikingly attractive  destinations in Surigao del Sur that I have recently visited were the stunning "Tinuy-an Falls" and the mysterious "Enchanted River". And I would say I am very fortunate to see these diverse beauty of nature in my own naked eyes.

The Tinuy-an Falls

Philippines' mini Niagara
Our first destination was this multi-tiered waterfalls called Tinuy-an situated in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.  We didn't worried about hiring a van or jeepney  'coz my cousin brought his car. Buti na lang sumama siya. LOLZ. It was an exhausting trip. We experienced hours of bumpy ride. But it was worth the taking after we reached the place and able to see the beautiful landscape of nature.

I don't know why it's called Tinuy-an. Maybe it was derived from the Visayan word "tu-yo" which means “meant for something” or “to be of specified importance” or something  like that but you see, it was just  only my wild guessing haha!

First Level

Upon entering the area, you will be welcomed by a small falls ....

You may rent a bamboo raft if you want to go towards the falls...

And enjoy the beautiful sights that's naturally existing...

The best part is the second level. The water drops at approximately 120 feet high (me thinks) and a depth of 50 feet. If you're not good at swimming, you are encouraged to wear life vest in this area. Pramis! Malalim siya!

Kaya pinagkasya ko na lang ang sarili na magpicture picture sa gilid ng talon kasi hindi ako marunong lumangoy haha!

I was not yet satisfied so I went to the next level...

There I enjoyed the waterfalls massaging my whole body.

 But I wondered how’s it like there on top?

So I pursued the final stage…

It was pretty tough climbing the top but I never rued reaching it...

'coz it feels so good. It feels like I'm the mighty one standing on top of everything. LOL.

And I was amazed because everything up there is so calm and relaxed. Can't even hear a single clamoring sound of falls.

The group left the place around 2:00 PM and headed to the next destination, the Enchanted River (next post).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tres Años

When was the last time I was able to saunter around blogosphere? Uhmm I couldn't even remember haha! Well obviously, I was inactive here for so long. Honestly, I've been meaning to blog since last month but my body refused to do so. LOLZ. Laziness? Uhmm...I'm not so sure about it. Maybe I just don't have a potent goal at all that's why I lose the appetite for blogging. Heck! Ano daw? Haha!

Anyways, I came back to tell  you not my latest stories or give you some interesting information. I came here to tell you that KALEIDOS is already three years old. Matutuwa ba ako o mahihiya? Ano pa man, I am still thanking you for the frequent visits. Yes, I know that 'coz you helped maintained my PR status haha...and I love you for that mwah mwah mwah! Intindihin 'nyo na lang sana ang pagiging tamad ko or should I say pagiging uninspired  ko minsan kaya madalang ang pagbisita ko dito at sa inyo. (Nagfi-feeling na maraming readers haha)...

So much for that, because I want Kaleidos' anniversary be somehow special, I made a short video clip  just for you. Hope you'll like it. :)

Remember: This post is senseless if you fail to watch the video. LOLZ. 

Happy 3rd Anniversary Kaleidos!


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