Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Was There

It's been a while errr...Just wanna share my trip at the historical Wakayama Castle. The castle is majestic, old and creepy. Some orbs were captured by my camera. But I really had fun. It's a place I have never been...

I made a simple music video sung by... eherm yours truly to share with you my escapades hehehe. Hope you will like it...

Wakayama castle was built in 1585. It is located at the peak of Mt. Torafusu which is about 48.9 meters high. It was called Torafusu because it resembles the shape of a tiger (tora) lying on its side (fusu). The castle living quarters occupies the Eastern area of the peak and the castle tower complex occupies the West. During the Yoshinaga Asiano's residence of the castle, the Ninomaru area served as the primary residential though it has not functioned as such since the Tokugawa period.

In 1945, the castle suffered severe fire damage during WWII fire bombing . Recognized as the symbol of Wakayama City and its people, determined citizens gathered financial support from private and public financial resources to rebuild the castle. Currently, Wakayama Castle is one of the famous tourist destinations in Osaka, Japan.


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