Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Once Visited a Friend in Japan

It was a hard day's work. Jan. 5, 2008 about :15 in a silent afternoon, me and Korrichi san (my Japanese support) have just finished repairing the reflow machine. It was a week's sojourn in Okinnawa, Japan where we were servicing a Japanese Manufacturing company.

"Tomorrow we'll be leaving.", said Korrichi. I felt a bit deplorably bad 'coz I was'nt able to saunter along the place. I can do nothing but to do as it please 'coz our business visa will expire on the said date. "One moment please!" I excused myself as my my phone rang. I felt ecstatic than usual after recognizing it was my friend calling . "Bojoy, Ikaw ba 'yan?", I asked. "Yeye!", Amazed. "OO, si Bojoy 'to. 'San ka na ngayon?"(...talks...) I am so happy that she also stayed in the same city where she had her 3-day business trip.

The dark is about to steal the light. We came upon by chance. We did a lot'a talks, dined in a cheap resto, and finally went back where she stayed. She's with her two more girl friends. Siyempre 'di mawawala ang picture -picture. After a couple of minutes, I decided to go to my guesthouse to pack-off my things. I was so delighted that I even brought the happiness into my slumber.

KRRIIINGGGG!!!! alarmed the clock. It's six in the moring. I thought I will be preparing to leave for Philippines but only to realize that I was just having a wonderful dream. Hahaha. I inwardly laughed. Lahat ay panaginip lang pla. I rose up, took my bathe, groomed myself and prepared myself for work. Yeah, it's the damn truth. I now face the reality again. (Wishful thinking) . Oh well...magdi-daydreaming na lng ako jijijij ... there's nothing wrong with it not unless tumatawid ka sa kalsada habang nanaginip...patay kang bata ka jijijij...


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