Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feel the Sun

Beat the heat as they say . For sun lovers, they get tanned. For people like me who hates the sun's heat but has no choice but to deal with it, also get tanned hahahaha (since I don't have a car, I only use bicycle every single day...poor guy tsk tsk tsk...namiss ko tuloy ang sumakay sa jeepney hehehe).
August is hot and humid in most of Japan. Heat stroke (maybe), sunburn and dehydration are common. To prevent dehydration, I drink plenty of fluids (not the caffeinated and alchoholic ones, mas lalong nakakauhaw kasi ang mga 'yun...pero siyempre 'pag nagyayaya ang bosing na bumarik, hindi ako mkatanggi... ok lang libre naman eh hehehe...) I also hang my room with wet towels to add moisture in the atmosphere (na dito ko lang ginawa kasi sobrang init talaga). Kung last month ay nagpakalbo ako, parang gusto ko uling magpakalbo ngayong buwan na ito. Naalala ko tuloy 'yung sabi ng kaibigan ko dito na tanging Hokkaido area lamang ang nakararanas ng magandang panahon at hindi masyadong mainit tuwing NATSU. Hokkaido is one of Japan's attractive destination during summer time. Kaya sabi ko tuloy sa kaibigan ko "I envied the people living in Hokkaido, I wish our company will move to that place". He replied a loud laugh. "WTF! You don't know what you're saying", he said. "Summer time is okay there but during winter season, Hokkaido have a harsh climate with heavy snowfall and very low temperature and besides I don't want to live in a countryside area", he continued. Sa isip ko, wala ng magandang mapaglugaran hayz! Dumudugo na nga ilong ko sa 6 degrees centigrade na temperature noong nag- winter ako dito sa Osaka, paano pa kaya pag below zero na...?
Just want to share these pictures...

Ay, hindi pantay! heheheh

Presenting...the negrito jijiji...

Ano bang meron tuwing tag-init dito sa Japan? During this period, Japanese go to beaches, YAKINIKU parties everywhere, outdoor picnics and lots of traditional festivities are held in Japan. One that I attended was the DANJIRI festival in Osaka. It's like people were dancing on the street with the Japanese traditional instruments as the accompaniment. Some group of men were pulling a big wooden cart or should I say a big space wagon with lamps around it (sorry I don't know how they call it...just refer to the picture later) and yelling MAE! MAE! MAE! together. Males were wearing robes with KANJI characters printed on it while females were wearing kimono. It was pretty exhausting but I had fun. nagsuot ang bida ng roba kasi nainggit hahaha...

Next week, our company will have a 4-day summer vacation. How will I spend it? Adunno. Maybe I'll just stay in my apartment. If not watching movies, I'll get a lot of favorite past time as always hehehe...or maybe I will try to visit a long time friend in Kameyama Chou which is 3 hours away by train from my place.

Feel the sun! Enjoy summer!


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