Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

In early times, people have already celebrated certain events and festivities. New Year's Day is one of the occasions marked by many countries around the world. It is celebrated with parties, dancing, singing, parades and etcetera with lively manners. Commonly, January 1 is the first day of the year though some countries and other religious groups have varying ideas on when a new year starts.
Here in the Philippines, people have different ways in starting the year. Fireworks and firecrackers are fused to get rid of bad spirits and karma. In our home, we usually just have our dinner together and share the walang kamatayang videoke galore while my mother is busy shaking the coins inside the pockets of her polka-dotted duster... that sometimes provoked me to a ridiculous smiling. Does it really works?
Filipinos are truly supertsititious especially the old folks. In whatever we do in life, kung pasasaan pa't may kalakip talagang pamahiin. Somehow, I believed them. Wala namang mawawala kung maniniwala, ika nga. But then again, we should not forget that it's still us who drives our lives...our fate is within us.
2009 is coming in a few hours from now. And it's good to be better. So let us all start the year right . Happy new year to all! Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joy to the World

I woke up today with a lot of text messages received. Most of it were Christmas greetings from my relatives and friends. As I read those messages, my heart is filled with happiness. I can't believe that after 3 long years of not celebrating the Christmas with my family, tonight we'll share the moment. I am so excited again to greet our dear Emmanuel a happy birthday through a prayer. For me, it's the greatest gift I could offer Him. Merry Christmas Everyone! Let us all rejoice!


IZUMI CHI, OSAKA, JAPAN: Coffee break! Chit chats! I was amazed when I suddenly noticed the prints on our clerk's mug. I asked her to take a photo of it. She laughed. I knew what's in the corner of her mind (that I'm foolish).But I just can't help myself remembering the song and how it influenced the mind of some Pinoy drunkards.

"Akin ang kantang yan!!!" Bang! Bang! Bang!...Too tired to go further. I know you knew the very popular story behind the song...But if you don't, well sorry! (laughs)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's been eighty-eight days since I left the country. In that time, I know I missed a lot of Philippine life. Now that I'm back, I will savor each moment that I have here. I will spend time with my family and friends, watch Filipino shows (ala kc TFC sa apartment dun jijijij), gala to the max and eat Filipino foods such as durian, adobo, tuyo, tortang talong, pandesal, halo-halo, puto't dinuguan, and other mouth-watering stuffs.

I am very happy that my old folks gave me a warm welcome when I arrived Manila (Laguna friends). I am so blessed for having friends of their being. I stayed in Manila for two days fixing my VISA requirements. From there, my best buddy invited me to stay in their home. Even though how busy he was , he still able to managed his time for me. He fetched me up from the airport and arranged an act to meet a new pal (and things were very funny ). We had our lunch in a famous fast food chain. Busy he was, Yaya drove me to his workplace first before we went to his home. My stay in Davao was worth reminiscing. Hospitable people, funny friends, and happy moments. For me, it's a perfect moment whenever there is one.

My family was so surprized after they have seen my presence. I never told them about my coming. That night, we also celebrated my brother's 24th natality. As usual chibugan at inuman...ang saya saya hehehehehe...at siyempre di mawawala ang malupit na kwentuhan...

This is what I missed in the Philippines, masaya pa rin khit taghirap...Right now, Osaka, Japan is experiencing a negative degree centigrade temperature and winter time their will last until February. When I'll go back there, I know things will be a lot busier. But for now, relak relak muna with my family hehehehe....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Once Visited a Friend in Japan

It was a hard day's work. Jan. 5, 2008 about :15 in a silent afternoon, me and Korrichi san (my Japanese support) have just finished repairing the reflow machine. It was a week's sojourn in Okinnawa, Japan where we were servicing a Japanese Manufacturing company.

"Tomorrow we'll be leaving.", said Korrichi. I felt a bit deplorably bad 'coz I was'nt able to saunter along the place. I can do nothing but to do as it please 'coz our business visa will expire on the said date. "One moment please!" I excused myself as my my phone rang. I felt ecstatic than usual after recognizing it was my friend calling . "Bojoy, Ikaw ba 'yan?", I asked. "Yeye!", Amazed. "OO, si Bojoy 'to. 'San ka na ngayon?"(...talks...) I am so happy that she also stayed in the same city where she had her 3-day business trip.

The dark is about to steal the light. We came upon by chance. We did a lot'a talks, dined in a cheap resto, and finally went back where she stayed. She's with her two more girl friends. Siyempre 'di mawawala ang picture -picture. After a couple of minutes, I decided to go to my guesthouse to pack-off my things. I was so delighted that I even brought the happiness into my slumber.

KRRIIINGGGG!!!! alarmed the clock. It's six in the moring. I thought I will be preparing to leave for Philippines but only to realize that I was just having a wonderful dream. Hahaha. I inwardly laughed. Lahat ay panaginip lang pla. I rose up, took my bathe, groomed myself and prepared myself for work. Yeah, it's the damn truth. I now face the reality again. (Wishful thinking) . Oh well...magdi-daydreaming na lng ako jijijij ... there's nothing wrong with it not unless tumatawid ka sa kalsada habang nanaginip...patay kang bata ka jijijij...


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